Danny DeVito, hailed the king of short kings, is not oblivious to his height. The celebrity has made a lucrative career in Hollywood for his undeniable talent. But he’s now revealed how he really feels when people talk about his stature.

The Matilda star sat down with GQ to talk about his new Broadway play, when he was asked about what his thoughts were over his nicknames. He is currently playing a grumpy older man who lives alone and faces eviction over his hoarding problem. It’s a different part for the celebrity to tackle. He’s known for his comedic roles, like in Twins with pal Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The ‘king of short kings’

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Whilst sitting down for a chat, he was asked if he heard of the phrase ‘short king’.

The reporter Gabriella Paiella explained the movie star had been hailed as the ‘king of short kings’, and asked him what he thought about the new title.

Danny DeVito wasn’t upset that he was given a nickname referencing his height.

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“I like it!” He said. “I haven’t heard the term, but it gives me joy. It lifts me up. Thank you.”

But the 78-year-old didn’t coin the term, it was created by comedian Jaboukie Young-White four years ago. Now, the film actor is embracing it.

Young-White also declared June 21 as ‘short man appreciation day’, which fans adored.

Danny DeVito doesn’t think his height has held him back

Even if the Hollywood star jokes he’s ‘5ft nothing’, he’s actually 4ft 10 inches. But Danny DeVito believes his height helped him bag roles.

“No casting director is gonna forget the 5ft guy,” he previously said. Being remembered during a casting call is key, so Danny saw it as an advantage from the start.

But he did have insecurities growing up. He told The Times: “We all have these little things, our insecurities about ourselves. My height and my demeanor.

“I’m a little rough around the edges. I was always a little shy about it. I kind of went into the mouth of the dragon.

“Instead of hiding in the background, I went up to the front. I said, ‘Here I am. This is what I do.’”

Luckily, the Batman Returns star wasn’t bullied at school and praised his family and friends for always being there for him.

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