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For a while, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has held the crown of being the richest driver in the NASCAR world. With a $300 million net worth, Junior is miles ahead of the rest in this league. However, what his friend, business partner, and former rival, Kevin Harvick, had to say about him recently might come off as odd to some.

During an episode of the Dale Jr. Download, Harvick joined Earnhardt Jr. and the show’s co-host Mike Davis. At one point in their conversation, Davis asked Earnhardt and Harvick what their biggest learning was from their CARS Tour ownership.

Junior claimed for him it was the aspect of diving into the books and the finances. “The financial challenges of not only the owner but the series, now learning the delicate numbers of the series itself, trying to understand where you can get better,” he described, to which Harvick responded with some interesting comments of his own.

“I think my favorite thing about Dale is I’ve learned so much about who he is because he is the cheapest guy,” Harvick said. “I mean, he is the biggest cheapo I’ve ever met in my life.”

Harvick on the biggest challenge Dale Earnhardt Jr. faced with CARS Tour ownership

With Junior claiming the financial aspect of managing an entire series before being deemed as ‘the cheapest guy’, Harvick revealed the biggest issue Junior and their other business partner, Jeff Burton had with their CARS Tour ownership. “I think the thing that has pushed he and Burton over the edge the most is us hauling our own fuel,” he said.

Earnhardt added, “We hauled our own fuel. I don’t know the series had done this for a while but the idea of us being responsible for those gallons and gallons of fuel driving up and down the road was too much of a liability for me to be at peace with.”

Now, these learnings that Earnhardt and Harvick revealed are interesting and somewhat hilarious in their own place. But what’s more important is what they’ve done with it and how they’ve applied them to the CARS Tour.

At the end of the day, the most important bit is that CARS Tour, with its new owners, is thriving, and only looking to go up and viewership, popularity, and ratings in the coming year.

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