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“I see football as an art and all players are artists.

If you are a top artist, the last thing you would do is paint a picture somebody else has already painted.”

– Cristiano Ronaldo

Being one of the best dribblers of his generation, Ronaldo has the world watching his footsteps, quite literally. Having his roots in a small island in Portugal with a poverty-stricken background, nothing has stopped him from climbing up to the stars. From being a school dropout to making his way into Real Madrid for a world record transfer of a whopping 80 million euros, he proved worthy of his titles.

The right-footed forward is the most acclaimed player around the world alongside Lionel Messi. Being compared by every football fanatic on this planet, it is evident that they have bagged trophies and titles like no one else in near history. Leaving the coalition and Ronaldo’s career aside, he has also been acknowledged for his property portfolio, which this article shall be giving you a sneak peek into.

Marbella house | Cristiano Ronaldo House

Marbella House_©

Located in ‘The Superstars Cul de Sac’ in Spain’s Marbella, Cristiano Ronaldo house is a grand structure with a striking white façade. This contemporary mansion with its minimal materials has an open-plan layout. Two levels with high ceilings house everything from a wine cellar to a home cinema. An exquisite sunken fire pit sits beside an infinity edge pool, while the massive bedrooms look over the magnificent sea. Every function inside the house is controlled by IoT, this structure reduces human effort in every way, truly making it a holiday home for the family. Bought at a total sum of 1.2 million euros, this villa is everything a vacation asks for.

The Maderia Mansion

Madeira mansion in Funchal_©

Located on the Portugal island of Madeira’s capital Funchal, this house is the strongest thread that connects him to his hometown. Once a warehouse for a local magazine, this mansion overlooks the ruffling waves of the Atlantic Ocean. He bought this from Nini Andrade Silva, a renowned icon in the design world. Costing him 7 million euros to make it into a habitable space, it flaunts a modern monotone skin.

Madeira mansion_©GETTY

This seven-story minimal structure houses a pair of Olympic-sized swimming pools with a luxurious jacuzzi. This home accommodates two gymnasiums for him and his family to keep fit while taking his fans through his workout regime amidst the recent pandemic. It hosts a mini football pitch, enough for Cristiano and Cristiano Jr. to play around as they holiday away from the hustle of the metropolitan.

Sumptuous New York city accommodation

Trump Tower_©

Manhattan’s Trump Tower, one of the mixed-use skyscrapers of New York, had its extravagant condo bought by Ronaldo in 2015 for a sum of 18.5 million dollars. The interior of this three-bedroom apartment is a typical example of what the low class thought the riches lived like back in the 90s. This 2,509 sq. ft space had the sports star smitten by its panoramic view of the central park.

trump tower_©Warburg Realty

Designed by the architect Der Scutt for the 45th president of the USA, Donald Trump, it rises to a height of 202 meters adding to the skyline of the city. The apartment interiors are lavishly done with the extensive use of wood for wall paneling alongside mirrors to brass to complement it. Ronaldo went under a huge loss as he sold it at 7.75 million dollars four years later, in 2019.

Apartment next to the riverside | Cristiano Ronaldo House

Bought for a total of 2.3 million euros, this apartment was meant to be the sports legend’s relaxing space, for the times when he wants to spend time away from the “superstar limelight”. It captures a stunning view of the national park. This was later said to be sold at the same hefty price to his Real Madrid teammate Pepe.

Spanish castle

Spain house_©

This 8,600 sq. ft dwelling is spread across a single level, housing a total of seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Ronaldo got his hands on it for 5 million euros. Located in La Finca, Madrid, this house was designed by the “Architect of the Stars”, Jaoquín Torres. The depth of the clad façade enhances the shallowness of the glass it juxtapositions. It contains a large swimming pool and a gymnasium beside other primary habitable spaces. It boasts a magnificent trophy room that showcases the star’s tokens of achievements. The horizontal unused space spreads a lush green sheet of grass.

Prime Lisbon Apartments

Prime Lisbon Apartments_©

The most expensive penthouse to be traded ever, the Prime Lisbon apartment is located in the heart of Portugal. This 3,100 sq. ft space that houses a spa, a pool, and 3 spacious bedrooms cost Ronaldo a whopping 6 million euros. Initially meant to be an office building, the program took a turn towards residential spaces. This structure is predominantly clad in white marble “tiger skein” passed by sandblasting, giving it a noble appearance. A 360° panoramic view has been created through the balconies. This sleek finished apartment sits along Eduardo VII Park.

Lisbon Apartments_©golders and vanguard properties

The Torino palace

This grand house located in Turin, Italy, was exchanged for an unknown sum. The exact location being unidentified, it boasts a majestic view of the city. Ronaldo intends to keep it a private space to relax and holiday away.

Ronaldo’s retiring house | Cristiano Ronaldo House

Bought at a sum of 7 million euros in the Portuguese Riviera, Quinta da Marinha.

7m euros. The football legend intends to reside here with his family after the end of his career.

With multiple houses across the world, the footballer is making headlines often with his goals and abodes. The Portuguese player has built his empire through his hard work and passion and doesn’t seem to stop any soon. The 37 year old star will be sure to leave a mark on this world that the coming generations will look up to.


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