The former Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver is one of the most electric personalities to ever play in the NFL. Chad Ochocino was known for being a productive player in the league but is probably known better for his big personality and ability to keep the game of football fun, even in the most intense of moments.

Ochocino enjoyed an 11-year NFL career, where he spent 10 of those seasons with the Bengals before playing his final year with the New England Patriots. He played in 166 total games during that time and tallied 766 receptions, 11,059 receiving yards, and 67 touchdowns.

All that time and accumulated production while in the NFL surely has amounted to a vast opportunity to gain a nice payday. Let’s take a closer look at Ochocinco’s net worth after a decade-plus in the NFL.

Chad Ochocinco’s Net Worth

According to Equity Atlas, Ochocino has reportedly accumulated an estimated net worth of around $20 million. During his playing days, Ochocinco made just shy of $49 million on the field in his 11-year career.

While Ochocino has accumulated the majority of his wealth through his time playing in the NFL, the former wideout does have his hands in many other ventures that have also contributed to his revenue streams.

His other avenues and income streams come from endorsements, reality TV appearances, iPhone apps, and other television opportunities.

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Ochocinco has been known to be frugal with his money and has been unafraid to allude to that fact throughout the years. While sometimes it is hard to differentiate between jokes and truth with Ochocino, he has been known to state that his first dates are usually spent at McDonalds getting fast food, as well as splurging on fake jewelry to save his money.

What Is Ochocinco Doing Now?

Since retiring from the NFL, Ochincino has not shied away from the spotlight. Ocho has been seen on reality television shows such as “Selling Tampa” and “Dancing With the Stars.” He also tried his hand at playing soccer, being a bull rider, and even fighting in a professional boxing match.

The former NFL wideout has also frequented “Club Shay Shay,” a show hosted by another former NFL player, Shannon Sharpe, as they talk back and forth on various topics.

He has kept busy, continued to let his lovable personality shine through in all that he does, stayed in close contact with many of the young players coming into the NFL, and acted as a liaison of sorts to help guys stay on the right track in their newfound positions.

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