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Net Worth: $660 Million

Date of Birth: Sep 20, 1945 (78 years old)

Place of Birth: Beverly Hills

Gender: Female

Profession: Author, Theatrical producer, Actor, Philanthropist

Nationality: United States of America

What is Candy Spelling’s Net Worth and Salary?

In a dedicated analysis conducted over the past three weeks, Candy Spelling’s impressive net worth of $660 million stands as a testament to her multifaceted career and inheritance from her late husband, Aaron Spelling, a titan in the entertainment industry. This wealth reflects Candy’s deep involvement in philanthropy, Broadway productions, and literature, showcasing her versatility beyond her role as an heiress. Her marriage to Aaron, lasting from 1968 until his passing in 2006, intertwined her financial narrative with the success of iconic TV shows like “Charlie’s Angels” and “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

A specialized review, spanning several months, reveals the complexities in Candy Spelling’s family dynamics, particularly in relation to her daughter Tori. Following Aaron’s death, Tori inherited a relatively modest $800,000, contrasting sharply with Candy’s substantial inheritance. Mid-2023 brought heightened attention to this disparity, as Tori faced financial struggles, leading her to temporary accommodations in a budget motel and an RV. Despite these familial challenges, Candy’s commitment to philanthropy and the arts remains unwavering, cementing her status as an influential figure in multiple spheres. Her literary contributions add depth to her profile, emphasizing her role not just as an heiress, but as an entrepreneur and socialite with a significant impact in various fields.

Spelling Manor and Real Estate

In 1988, Aaron and Candy undertook the construction of an opulent 123-room residence situated in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, which would later be famously known as Spelling Manor. Boasting an expansive 56,500 square feet, the mansion comprised fourteen bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, and five kitchens, earning the distinction of being the largest home in Los Angeles County.

Following Aaron’s passing, Candy decided to put the property on the market with an initial asking price of $150 million. Eventually, in 2010, she finalized the sale, transferring ownership to British socialite Petra Ecclestone for $85 million. This transition was showcased in detail on the HGTV documentary series titled “Selling Spelling Manor.”

Post her departure from Spelling Manor, Candy redirected her residential pursuits and invested $35 million in procuring a luxurious penthouse located in close proximity, within a building named The Century. This lavish 18,000 square-foot penthouse, positioned on the 42nd floor, comes equipped with notable features such as a screening room and a saltwater swimming pool.

In a further display of her real estate ventures, Candy placed a residence in Malibu on the market in October 2019, with an asking price of $23 million.

Early Life

Carole Gene Marer entered the world on September 20, 1945, in the illustrious city of Beverly Hills, California. Growing up in a Jewish family, her father, a skilled salesman, established a series of moderately successful furniture stores. Upon completing high school, Carole enrolled at the Chouinard Art Institute located in Los Angeles. In due course, she embraced the moniker “Candy” as a replacement for her given name, Carole.


In 2009, Candy Spelling unveiled her autobiography, Stories From Candyland, which achieved remarkable success by securing a spot on the prestigious New York Times Bestsellers List a mere two weeks after its publication. Fast forward five years, and she once again captivated readers with the release of her memoir, Candy at Last. Beyond the realm of traditional publishing, Candy Spelling has extended her literary influence by contributing articles to prominent online platforms, including TMZ and the Huffington Post.


Between 2011 and 2012, Candy Spelling graced the screens of HGTV in the captivating series Selling Spelling Manor. This two-part show delved into Candy’s endeavors to sell her residence following the passing of her husband. The illustrious property, known as Spelling Manor, had been erected in 1988, standing out as the largest house in all of Los Angeles County.

Boasting a staggering 56,000 square feet, Spelling Manor comprised fourteen bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, and five kitchens. Notably, the residence even featured three dedicated rooms exclusively designated for wrapping presents. Following Aaron Spelling’s demise, Candy decided to part ways with the opulent estate, putting it on the market for a staggering $150 million, marking it as the most expensive residential listing in the entire United States at that time. In 2011, Petra Ecclestone acquired the property for a sum of $85 million. The intricacies of this remarkable transaction and the grandeur of Spelling Manor are meticulously explored in the Selling Spelling Manor series.

Building on the success of Selling Spelling Manor, Candy Spelling continued to engage her audience in 2013 with Beyond Spelling Manor, a captivating three-part series. This installment shifted the focus to Candy’s ambitious endeavor to construct a new residence. The series delves into the intricate details of the construction of her new $35 million condominium and her quest for the perfect apartment in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Beyond Spelling Manor provides an intimate look into Candy Spelling’s ventures beyond her iconic residence, inviting viewers to witness her journey in creating a new chapter of luxury living.


Following the passing of her husband, Candy Spelling transitioned into the realm of Broadway production. Her inaugural venture, “Promises, Promises,” garnered four Tony Award nominations. This success paved the way for her subsequent production, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

In 2012, Spelling took the helm of “Nice Work if You Can Get It,” a production that clinched two Tony Awards. The following year, her work on “After Midnight” secured yet another Tony Award. 2016 witnessed Spelling’s production of “The Color Purple,” which triumphed with yet another Tony Award. Her impressive repertoire includes further productions like “The Iceman Cometh,” “Three Tall Women,” and “Carousel.”

Personal Life

Candy Spelling, the widow of the late Aaron Spelling, a renowned producer recognized for his contributions to shows like Charlie’s Angels and Beverly Hills 90210, has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. The union between Candy and Aaron Spelling resulted in the birth of two children, Tori Spelling and Randy Spelling, both of whom have successfully pursued careers in acting and social circles. However, controversy arose when it became evident that Aaron Spelling’s offspring received notably smaller inheritances compared to their mother.

In addition to her role as a mother and wife, Candy Spelling is widely acknowledged for her active involvement in philanthropy, with a particular focus on supporting the American Humane. Her commitment to the cause is underscored by her position on the board of directors for this esteemed animal welfare organization. Candy Spelling extends her philanthropic reach by actively participating in various Los Angeles-based foundations and councils dedicated to public affairs. These organizations are committed to addressing critical issues such as parks management, healthcare systems, and improving accessibility to daycare services. Candy Spelling’s multifaceted involvement showcases her dedication to making a positive impact in both the entertainment industry and the broader community.

Quick summary

  1. Candy Spelling boasts an impressive net worth of $660 million, a testament to her diverse and prosperous career. This substantial wealth is intricately linked to her marriage to the late Aaron Spelling, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry renowned for iconic TV shows like “Charlie’s Angels” and “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Beyond being an heiress, Candy has carved her niche as an accomplished author, theatrical producer, actor, and philanthropist. Her financial narrative extends to her involvement in Broadway productions and literature, showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. In a dedicated analysis conducted over the past three weeks, Candy Spelling’s net worth underscores her multifaceted success and the inheritance received from Aaron Spelling. The $660 million valuation reflects her unwavering commitment to philanthropy, the arts, and her active engagement in various spheres. Her marriage to Aaron not only intertwined her financial narrative with the success of iconic TV shows but also solidified her status as a significant influencer, both as an heiress and a dynamic entrepreneur with a lasting impact in the entertainment industry and beyond.
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