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From a high school dropout to a successful businesswoman, from a sex industry worker to a stable wife and stepmom. Bunnie DeFord, aka Bunnie XO, is the epitome of what it means to have determination not to let yourself be limited to the cards you are dealt but to find that drive to turn your life around.

Because of her drive and determination, Bunnie XO’s wealth has skyrocketed, and we can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

What is Bunnie XO’s net worth? Find out that and more below.

Bunnie XO’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Bunnie XO’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

What Does Bunnie XO Make Per Year?

Considering the considerable bump in Bunnie XO’s net worth from 2022 to 2023, it’s guessed that her annual salary is somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,000 dollars.

How Did Bunnie XO Get Rich?

Bunnie XO’s growing income and net worth is mainly thanks to her Dumb Blonde Podcast, clothing line, modeling career, and more.

Much of her modeling career has led to her appearing in numerous music videos, magazines, and even Playboy TV.

Her Bunnie XO Merch clothing line is all about quality. According to her official site, “our quality standards are continuous excellence and customer happiness is a top priority. So whether you’re looking for a shirt or a pair of Fortnite-branded sneakers, we’ve got you covered. Check out the extensive selection and quickly add some items to your cart.”

While it’s unclear the exact price she’s paid for her podcast or how much money she earns while modeling, we’re guessing it’s enough to make us all jealous and wish we were in her shoes.

Bunnie XO’s Cars

Bunnie XO is one of those lucky women that can say she owns her dream car, thanks to her husband this past Mother’s Day.

The podcast host’s husband surprised her with a 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor. In a video later posted to Bunnie XO’s TikTok, fans can hear her exclaim: “Babe! Oh my gosh! … I love you. I’m so in shock. Baby, this was a real surprise. I’m going to pimp it out and make it so dope.”

Bunnie XO’s House

While there isn’t anything exact known about Bunnie XO’s house, considering her and her husband, Jelly Roll’s sizeable amount of cash and revenue, it’s likely that they have a sizeable estate in their home city of Nashville.

When Was Bunnie XO Born?

Bunnie XO’s birthdate is Jan. 22, 1980.

The 42-year-old Bunnie XO’s Zodiac sign is Aquarius, which means she’s progressive, independent, unique, idealistic, and intelligent.

How Tall is Bunnie XO?

Bunnie XO’s height is average. She stands at 5 feet, 6 inches tall.

How Much Does Bunnie XO Weigh?

Bunnie XO’s weight is approximately 136 pounds. She definitely keeps herself in shape.

Where is Bunnie XO From?

Bunnie XO was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Where Does Bunnie XO Live?

Bunnie XO lives with her husband, Jelly Roll, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bunnie XO’s Parents

Bunnie XO was raised by her father, Bill, following her parent’s divorce while she was a baby. Her father was a well-established musician.

Her absent mother, meanwhile, worked in adult entertainment.

Bunnie XO’s Early Life

Bunnie XO had a limited educational background, never even completing high school and leaving home early in life following what has been described as a traumatic childhood, which included verbal and physical abuse.

She has since reconciled with her father, whom she has had as a guest on her podcast multiple times.

How Did Bunnie XO Become Famous?

Bunnie XO came into the limelight when her man proposed marriage during a live Las Vegas concert in 2016. Suddenly, fans everywhere wanted to know who won the rapper-turned-country-star’s heart.

The Las Vegas show proposal was actually very fitting when you consider the pair met just a year earlier while attending her future husband’s concert at the Country Saloon in Las Vegas.

Bunnie XO’s Career?

Bunnie XO became a considerable influencer on social media, entertaining people everywhere with fun videos, challenges for fans, and TikToks on her YouTube channel, on which she hilariously calls herself “The Trailerpark Barbara Walters.” Since beginning the channel, she has produced more than 404K subscribers.

She eventually kicked off her dream career of being a podcast host in 2019 with the launch of the Dumb Blonde Podcast, produced by her own company, Dumb Blonde Productions.

Despite the podcast’s name, she has a unique way of describing herself once again. This time as “the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton and Dr. Ruth,” interviewing stars such as Brantley Gilbert, Priscilla Block, and many more every week.

Since the podcast first launched, she has successfully completed five seasons, launching the sixth this year, and has gained more than one million followers on her Instagram page.

Jelly Roll has doted on his wife’s success, saying she accepted no help from him, noting “it was her means to end working in the sex industry for good.” Bunnie XO was working as a high-end escort in Las Vegas when the pair met.

“She wanted to do it on her own. She didn’t want to be just ‘Jelly Roll’s wife.’ She wanted to build her own empire to empower women and share her story in hopes that it could motivate others to believe they could change their lives and be happy.”

Who is Bunnie XO Married To?

After the extravagant, public proposal on stage, Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll high-tailed it over to the courthouse, where they made it official on Aug. 31, 2016.

After the ceremony, Bunnie announced the news on Instagram. “You, my sweet other half, are just that. A man that was told no every corner he turned only to hit ’em with that Nashville shuck and come out on top every time. I always tell you, you have a horseshoe stuck up you a**, but that isn’t it, baby,” she wrote. “This is sheer will to spread light, to move mountains, to touch broken souls with your voice, to break generational traumas and set examples for the future. In short, you are the game changer, papas. You were sent here to destroy stereotypes and blaze the trail for all the have-nots.”

Bunnie XO’s Children

Bunnie XO is stepmother to Jelly Roll’s daughter, Bailee Ann, from a previous relationship.

When his daughter was born, Jelly Roll was incarcerated, and had to work to regain custody, something he gave Bunnie much credit for, as his daughter was already 14 when he and his wife got married.

“It takes a special kind of woman to raise a kid that isn’t her child and still treat the child as if she was. Over the years watching her relationship with Bailee blossom into this beautiful mother-daughter bond that it has becomes has been nothing short of magical,” said the “Son of a Sinner” singer, who gained full custody of his daughter in 2016.

“I have truly been blessed with the best partner I could’ve asked for in life. You are the epitome of a good mom and deserve more credit than anyone because you didn’t have to step up to the plate the way you did. You chose to step up, and man, you have knocked it out of the park.”

Bunnie XO is also stepmom to Jelly Roll’s son, Noah. Unlike Bailee Ann, Jelly Roll has kept his son out of the public eye to protect his ex, Melisa’s privacy, as Noah’s primary caregiver.

Bunnie XO’s Tattoos

Bunnie XO proudly sports several tattoos on her hands, fingers, neck, and back.

She also sports a full sleeve on her right arm with things like diamonds, a rose, stars, “Pretty,” and more filling it up.

Why Did Jelly Go to Jail?

Jelly Roll went to jail for drug dealing. The singer has pointed out that he had been arrested more than 40 times in his younger days. At 16, he was even charged with aggravated robbery.

Why is Jelly Roll Called Jelly Roll?

Jelly Roll has admitted that he was always a heavier-set person, even in childhood. “Been fat my whole life,” he said, noting it was a nickname his mother gave him. He’s certainly taken the name to his advantage, highlighting his uniqueness.

How did Jelly Roll and Bunnie Meet?

It’s the moment you hear about in storybooks, and we can’t help but love it when it happens in real life. The pair reportedly locked eyes while Jelly Roll performed at Sin City’s Country Saloon in Las Vegas, and the rest is history.

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