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“Two oceans in between us, and I wait for shore” He feels a humongous distance between himself and the other subject. “I wait for shore” tells me that he is waiting for a savior. I get the idea that whatever it is that he desires, he feels almost hopeless for it and he’s to the point where he’s given up taking action and he’s being passive. “There’s a gate I see, there’s a way for me” Glimmer of hope. “Now this one sits here, and whispers things to me. Now I got the devil inside. This one made a pig of me.” He gave into temptation and did something that he deems as wrong. “This world is primal, my grinding jaw.” He’s talking about a natural need and the fact that he’s grinding his jaw shows that he’s trying to hold back, further indicating that he feels it’s wrong to act upon.

“The headache pill the neck tie on my bedroom door” Headache pill probably for a hang over and a neck tie on a bedroom door is a sign that a woman is over engaging in sexual activity. Him saying “The” headache pill, makes me think that it’s “the” go to, meaning that this isn’t his first rodeo. He probably goes to bars, gets drunk and takes home random women. “My conscience burning. My eyes are too. Cuddled up with a heart condemned. I should love you and I swear I do.” He feels guilty. He wants to cry. He hurts because he doesn’t love these women. He feels guilty for using them and treating them like meat instead of loving them and treating them as living human beings and he feels that he is setting them up for heart break. Hence “cuddled up with a heart condemned”. “This world is rabid” He views his actions as cutthroat. He feels vicious doing this. He probably drops these women the very next day or acts cold towards them after he’s done with them. “Follow me through an empty dream I’m sleeping next to someone new” He has no dreams or aspirations. He’s trying to fill a void through sex. Yet it’s continuously with someone new because he doesn’t feel worthy or good enough to progress further than sex with anybody. “My beastly flaw” “I’m such a coward” he’s afraid of real intimacy. “These wretched things I do. Disgrace and treachery I’m a sickness and I know it’s true.” He feels he has a serious problem. “This world is learning. This world is pure, but she could be my Valentine underneath my sheets on the bedroom floor” This line tells me that he really is addicted to sex and that sex is all that he can provide a woman.

“Gonna push her down. Gonna spread her out. Gonna taste her tan. Gonna suck her thigh. Gonna hold her back. Then the shameful slack. Gonna wake up dry. I don’t have anything.” He is describing his pattern, showing that this is all he’s going to do and that he has nothing else for her and he feels shame from it.

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