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Ava Kolker, an American actress and influencer, has gained tremendous success in the entertainment industry, amassing a net worth of $1.5 million. Known for her talent and versatility, Ava has captured the hearts of audiences through her captivating performances in movies, TV shows, and particularly on Disney Channel. Let’s explore Ava Kolker’s biography, discover her journey to success, and delve into the factors that have contributed to her impressive net worth.

ava kolker net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Ava Kolker has a net worth of $1.5 million
  • She is an accomplished actress and influencer in the entertainment industry
  • Ava has starred in various movies, TV shows, and Disney Channel productions
  • Her success has played a vital role in accumulating her wealth
  • Stay tuned to learn more about Ava Kolker’s inspiring journey and achievements

Ava Kolker Wiki/Biography

Ava Kolker, born on December 5, 2006, is a talented young actress hailing from Los Angeles, California. At just 16 years old, Ava has already made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Growing up in an upper-middle-class family, Ava had the support and encouragement she needed to pursue her dreams. Her father, Doug Kolker, is a successful businessman, while her mother, Sandrine Kolker, is a dedicated housewife.

From a young age, Ava harbored a strong desire to become a popular actress. Her passion and determination led her to take the necessary steps to achieve her goals. Despite her tender age, Ava has already accomplished remarkable feats in her career, establishing herself as a promising talent with a bright future ahead.

Early Ambition and Pursuit of Stardom

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Since childhood, Ava Kolker possessed an unwavering determination to pursue a career in acting. Blessed with natural talent and charismatic appeal, she embarked on a journey to turn her dreams into reality. From attending acting classes and auditions to honing her skills, Ava was committed to making a name for herself in the industry.

“I’ve always loved performing and being in front of a camera. It’s my passion, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to follow my dreams.” – Ava Kolker

A Rising Star

Ava Kolker’s remarkable talent caught the attention of casting directors and producers at an early age. She quickly rose through the ranks, landing notable roles in both movies and television shows. Her ability to bring characters to life with depth and authenticity has solidified her status as a rising star in the industry.

Despite her young age, Ava has already made appearances in popular TV shows such as “Girl Meets World” and has worked alongside renowned actors and actresses. She has captivated audiences with her performances and continues to impress both critics and fans alike.

The Journey Continues

As Ava Kolker’s career progresses, her talent continues to shine brightly. With every new project, she showcases her versatility and dedication to her craft. The future looks promising for this young actress, and fans eagerly anticipate what exciting roles and projects she will take on next.

Stay Updated on Ava Kolker’s Success

To stay up-to-date with Ava Kolker’s journey, follow her on social media:

  • Instagram: @avakolker_
  • Facebook: @officialavakolker
  • Twitter: @RealAvaKolker

Ava Kolker’s Biography

Date of Birth December 5, 2006 Age 16 years old Birthplace Los Angeles, California Parents Doug Kolker (Father) and Sandrine Kolker (Mother)

Family, Boyfriend & Relationships

When it comes to family, Ava Kolker is surrounded by love and support. Her parents, Doug Kolker and Sandrine Kolker, have been there for her every step of the way in her journey as an actress and influencer. Ava also has three siblings: Jade Kolker, Kayla Kolker, and Lexy Kolker. The talented Lexy is following in Ava’s footsteps and pursuing a career in acting as well.

While Ava’s family is a significant part of her life, her romantic relationships have remained private. As of now, Ava is unmarried, and there is no information available about her current boyfriend or past relationships. Instead, she chooses to focus on her career and continues to excel in the entertainment industry.

Family Member Relationship to Ava Kolker Doug Kolker Father Sandrine Kolker Mother Jade Kolker Sibling Kayla Kolker Sibling Lexy Kolker Sibling

ava kolker parents

“Family is everything to me. Their love and support are truly invaluable, and I’m grateful to have them by my side every day.” – Ava Kolker

Physical Appearance

Part of Ava Kolker’s appeal lies in her captivating physical appearance. Standing at a height of 4 feet 10 inches (152 cm) and weighing approximately 45 kg (99 lbs), Ava possesses a petite yet graceful stature. Her slim body type is complemented by body measurements of approximately 30-23-32 inches.

One of Ava’s notable features is her mesmerizing blue eyes, which sparkle with charm and expressiveness. They add depth to her on-screen performances and leave a lasting impression on her audience. Coupled with her lovely long blonde hair, Ava exudes an air of elegance and youthful beauty.

ava kolker height


Ava Kolker’s career in the entertainment industry began at a young age, showcasing her talent and versatility. She made her debut appearance in the first season of the hit series “American Horror Story” at just four years old, leaving a lasting impression with her performance.

Since then, Ava has ventured into both film and television, solidifying her presence in the industry. In 2012, she made her film debut in “Golden Winter” and has since worked on various independent and studio films, honing her craft and captivating audiences with her on-screen presence.

In addition to her film work, Ava has made guest appearances in popular TV shows, further expanding her portfolio. She has graced the screens of audiences in shows like “Dads,” “Sam & Cat,” and “Black-ish,” leaving an indelible mark with her talent.

However, it was Ava’s breakthrough role as Ava Morgenstern in the Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World” that truly catapulted her career to new heights. The show garnered a dedicated fanbase and allowed Ava to showcase her acting abilities, solidifying her as a rising star in the industry.

With each project she takes on, Ava Kolker continues to impress both critics and audiences alike, further establishing herself as a talented actress in the entertainment world.

Ava Kolker Net Worth Summary

As of 2023, Ava Kolker’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Her earnings primarily come from her successful acting career, television roles, and other business ventures. With her exceptional talent and accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Ava has established herself as a promising actress and influencer.

Throughout her career, Ava Kolker has been part of numerous film and television projects, showcasing her exceptional acting skills and gaining recognition in the industry. Her financial success is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

“I’ve always had a passion for acting, and I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some amazing projects. It’s truly a dream come true, and I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way,” Ava remarked.

Ava Kolker’s net worth not only reflects her financial prosperity but also highlights her influence as an actress and influencer. She has captivated the hearts of audiences with her talent and charisma, paving the way for a promising future in the entertainment industry.

Ava Kolker’s Sources of Earnings

Ava Kolker’s significant net worth is a result of her lucrative acting career, where she has portrayed diverse roles in both films and television shows. Her talent and versatility have allowed her to work on various projects and collaborate with notable industry professionals.

In addition to her acting endeavors, Ava has explored other avenues to expand her income. She has leveraged her popularity as an influencer on social media, partnering with brands and engaging with her dedicated fan base. This has opened doors for endorsements and promotions, contributing to her overall earnings.

Here is a breakdown of Ava Kolker’s sources of earnings:

Source of Earnings Description Acting Career Ava’s roles in films and television shows have been significant contributors to her net worth. She has showcased her talent in both lead and supporting roles, captivating audiences with her performances. Influencer Engagements Ava’s popularity on social media platforms has attracted brand partnerships and collaborations. Her influence as an actress and influencer has allowed her to work with various brands, promoting their products and services. Endorsements and Sponsorships Ava Kolker has collaborated with renowned brands and secured endorsement deals, further enhancing her financial success. She represents these brands through social media posts, increasing brand awareness and generating revenue. Business Ventures Aside from her acting and influencer engagements, Ava may have invested in various business ventures, diversifying her sources of income. These ventures may range from personal projects to strategic investments.

Ava Kolker’s net worth is a testament to her talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. With her continued success, she is poised to achieve even greater financial milestones in her career as an actress and influencer.

ava kolker net worth

Contact Details

For fans and followers who want to connect with Ava Kolker, they can find her on various social media platforms. She can be reached through her Instagram handle @avakolker, her Facebook page @OfficialAvaKolker, and her Twitter account @RealAvaKolker.

Facts and Information

Aside from her successful career, Ava Kolker has also garnered recognition for her exceptional talent. In 2016, she was honored with the Young Entertainer Award for Best Recurring Young Actress 9 and Under for her outstanding performance in the popular series “Girl Meets World.” Her portrayal of Ava Morgenstern in the Disney Channel hit resonated with audiences and showcased her undeniable acting skills.

In addition to her on-screen achievements, Ava Kolker is known for her deep affection for animals. She advocates for animal rights and actively participates in initiatives aimed at their well-being. Furthermore, Ava is passionate about biking and finds solace in exploring new paths and embarking on thrilling adventures. Her love for travel fuels her desire to explore different cultures and broaden her horizons.

“I believe that acting allows me to connect with people on a deeper level, and it’s my way of making a positive impact in the world,” Ava Kolker once shared.

Notable Achievements

Young Entertainer Award (2016) – Best Recurring Young Actress 9 and Under for “Girl Meets World”

ava kolker awards

Award Year Category Work Young Entertainer Award 2016 Best Recurring Young Actress 9 and Under “Girl Meets World”

How did Ava Kolker get so rich?

Ava Kolker has achieved financial success through her successful acting career in films and television. Her talent, dedication, and hard work have contributed to her rise in the entertainment industry, leading to opportunities and lucrative projects that have ultimately increased her net worth.

At a young age, Ava Kolker showcased her acting prowess and captivated audiences with her performances. Her talent and versatility allowed her to secure roles in both independent and studio films, as well as guest appearances on popular TV shows.

Through her appearances on the Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World” and other notable projects, Ava Kolker gained recognition and a loyal fan base. She continued to leverage her success and garnered lucrative opportunities, further solidifying her financial position.

“I’ve always had a passion for acting and have been fortunate to work with talented professionals in the industry. I believe that my dedication and commitment to honing my craft have been instrumental in my success,” says Ava Kolker.

In addition to her acting career, Ava Kolker has also ventured into other business endeavors, including brand partnerships and endorsements. Her increasing popularity and influential presence on social media platforms have opened doors for collaborations with renowned brands.

Ava Kolker’s strong work ethic and commitment to her craft have undoubtedly played a significant role in her financial achievements. Her continued success in the entertainment industry, combined with her entrepreneurial endeavors, has contributed to her wealth and overall financial stability.

As Ava Kolker’s career continues to flourish, it is expected that her wealth and success will only grow, positioning her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry for years to come.

Factors contributing to Ava Kolker’s wealth and success: Diverse acting roles in films and TV shows Appearing on the Disney Channel Brand partnerships and endorsements Entrepreneurial ventures and business opportunities Increasing popularity and influential presence on social media platforms Continued dedication and commitment to her craft

Ava Kolker’s Earnings

While specific figures of Ava Kolker’s earnings are not available, it is estimated that she earns a significant income through her acting projects and other business activities. With her net worth of $1.5 million, she is undoubtedly one of the successful young actresses in the industry.

ava kolker earnings

Estimated Income Breakdown

Source Estimated Earnings Acting Projects Unknown Business Ventures Unknown Total $1.5 million

Ava Kolker’s success in the entertainment industry has allowed her to accumulate a substantial net worth. While her exact earnings remain undisclosed, the combination of her acting projects and business ventures contribute to her overall wealth. With her talent and accomplishments at such a young age, Ava Kolker’s future earnings potential is promising.


With a net worth of $1.5 million, Ava Kolker has established herself as a successful actress and influencer in the entertainment industry. From her early TV appearances to her breakout role in “Girl Meets World,” Ava has displayed her talent and potential for continued success. At just 16 years old, she has already achieved remarkable accomplishments, showcasing her drive and determination to excel in her career.

Ava’s journey as an actress and influencer has gained her a significant following and recognition. Her captivating performances and charming persona have made her a favorite among fans. As she continues to explore new opportunities and take on diverse roles, her net worth is expected to grow even further.

As an accomplished actress and influencer, Ava Kolker serves as an inspiration for young talents aspiring to make their mark in the industry. Her success story is a testament to the rewards that come with hard work, talent, and dedication. With her net worth and rising popularity, Ava Kolker is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

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