One of the stars of the hit reality television show Vanderpump Rules, Ariana Madix, is not just known for her on-screen drama but also for her impressive financial growth. As of 2023, Madix’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million US dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This is an impressive accumulation considering her beginnings in the entertainment industry.

The Vanderpump Rules Impact

Vanderpump Rules, the reality show chronicling the lives of the staff members of Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurants, has significantly contributed to Madix’s wealth. Madix, who joined the cast during its second season, quickly became a fan favorite with her sharp wit and relatable personality. Madix’s income from Vanderpump Rules is not publicly disclosed. However, considering the show’s popularity, it is reasonable to believe that a significant portion of her net worth originates from her role in the series.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Ariana Madix Net Worth 2023: What Is The "Vanderpump Rules" Star Worth?

Apart from her Vanderpump earnings, Madix has diversified her income through various entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2019, she co-authored the cocktail book Fancy AF Cocktails with Tom Sandoval, her Vanderpump Rules co-star and romantic partner. The book was a best-seller and likely contributed significantly to her growing wealth. Additionally, Madix has capitalized on her fame by reportedly launching a line of skincare products. As with many celebrities, she has harnessed her platform for product promotion, adding another revenue stream to her portfolio.

Real Estate Investments & Financial Prospects For Ariana Madix

In 2019, Madix and Sandoval purchased a $2 million home in the upscale Valley Village, Los Angeles neighborhood. This investment speaks to her financial acumen; property ownership in L.A. is often seen as a strong financial move. Given the ever-increasing property prices in Los Angeles, this investment could potentially boost her net worth in the future. Given the “Scandoval” controversy unfolding on Vanderpump Rules, it was reported that Ariana and Tom planned on selling their home.

Looking toward the future, Ariana Madix’s financial prospects appear bright. With the ongoing success of Vanderpump Rules and her entrepreneurial ventures, her net worth is likely to grow. Moreover, Madix has proven herself a savvy businesswoman who understands the importance of diversification. From her successful book launch to real estate investment, she has a knack for capitalizing on opportunities.


Ariana Madix’s $2 million net worth as of 2023 shows her hard work and ability to leverage fame into successful ventures. Her success offers a model for other reality stars looking to diversify their income and grow their wealth. While her Vanderpump Rules salary may remain undisclosed, her entrepreneurial spirit and financial savvy promise a bright and prosperous future. The entertainment world will be keenly watching what she does next, both on and off-screen.

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