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Former Kickboxing champion Andrew Tate is currently one of the most viral individuals on social media. He is best known for showcasing his luxury lifestyle on social media and expressing his bold views on topics like masculinity, living, making money, women, and more.

According to a recent report by Celebrity Net Worths, Andrew Tate’s net worth in 2023 is approximately $12 million. Fans often wonder how Tate managed to amass such wealth and reach this level of financial success. We will deep dive into his different ventures and break down his income sources.

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Andrew Tate’s kickboxing career

Emory Andrew Tate III is an American-British former professional kickboxer. He started his athletic career in the ring and made his professional debut in 2005. Showing skills as a fighter from the start, Tate steadily amassed victories before later capturing his first championship in 2009. His skill and determination as a world-class competitor saw Tate successfully capture titles in two separate weight divisions over his career.

King Cobar even tried his hands in MMA and competed three times with two victories and one loss.

Andrew Tate in the Big Brother show

Tate gained massive popularity when he participated in Big Brother UK season 17. However, he soon made headlines when he was kicked off the show. The reason for his removal was an incident where Tate was allegedly hitting a fellow housemate with a belt. According to the show’s producers, this behavior prompted his release. Tate later claimed it was merely a consensual “roleplay”.

Andrew Tate’s online ventures

Later, Tate, alongside his brother, embarked on multiple online ventures, one of which eventually found success under the name Hustlers University. The online service offers a course priced at $49.99.

Hustlers University provides consumers with tips and guides on alternative ways to make money beyond traditional employment, covering topics like Crypto, Copywriting, e-commerce, and more. Later, King Cobra introduced pyramid marketing to the course.

In this model, a person who buys the course and promotes it to others receives a commission for every sale initiated by their referrals.

Tate’s Hustlers University faced closure in 2022. Following this, he rebranded and launched another program called ‘The Real World.’ Initially, Tate even operated a webcam service for men, through which he earned a significant amount. Tate himself revealed substantial earnings from Crypto.

According to reports and rumors, Tate made millions of dollars from his online ventures.

Andrew Tate’s social media

Andrew Tate became popular when he started sharing his thoughts on women, government, and how an ideal man should be.

He gained popularity among young men who then started to follow his ideology and started idealizing him. Some people have also given him the tag of “ King of toxic masculinity.”

The so-called Top G began to gain popularity and quickly became a social media icon worldwide. He is currently banned from Instagram, and Youtube and was also banned from Twitter previously thanks to his problematic views. Still, his content is getting viral on social media.

Andrew Tate has had a career full of ups and downs and has earned his wealth through his combat career, social media, online ventures, Crypto, and much more. Currently, he is under investigation for human trafficking.

Andrew Tate’s Claims

King Cobra is best known for talking about his money. One of his most popular quotes is, “What color is your Bugatti?” showcasing his Bugatti Chiron car.

Tate has often mentioned that he is a billionaire. Recently, he even tweeted, indicating his net worth, “I am a billionaire.” The self-proclaimed Top G also claims that he will be the world’s first-ever trillionaire.

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