From Britney Spears to Lindsay Lohan, there have been multiple casualties of mid-aughts celebrity culture. Tabloids and gossip magazines make it their business to cruelly capture every private moment of young actresses just coming into adulthood.

Unfair standards were placed on them, and paparazzi never gave them a moment’s peace. While that is starting to change — albeit slowly — many celebrities still feel the ramifications of trauma. Former teenage star Amanda Bynes is one of these stars who still must contend with her treatment in the media. Gaining attention for her role in the young adult sketch show, All That, Bynes was also a prominent figure in teen comedies such as She’s the Man and Easy A. Recent years have not been kind as she was recently put on a psychiatric hold. The Amanda Show star has continued to work on herself, according to a source for Entertainment Tonight.

“Amanda is doing her best to take care of herself through different treatments. She has been trying to maintain her privacy and spending time with people she likes and trusts.”

It has been some time since Bynes has appeared on screen, but perhaps that is best for her mental health following her bi-polar diagnosis. Nevertheless, she spent many years in the public eye and has cultivated a specific net worth.

Amanda Bynes has revenue from more than film

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Until around 2010, Bynes had a relatively lucrative acting career. Starting young in her feature film debut, Big Fat Liar, she was a familiar face for the next decade. But that wasn’t all she was doing. The actor also maintained a fashion line called “Dear.” According to CBS News, the fashionable endeavor was in direct opposition to similar lines that would break the bank. Bynes had the admirable desire to allow young girls the opportunity to not sacrifice style due to expense, she told The ShowBuzz.

“I wanted a clothing line that made affordable fashionable, because it is really hard when you’re in school and maybe your parents can’t afford or won’t let you get the expensive clothes and you still want to be wearing the hip thing. I think that it’s now hip to have affordable clothes.”

In addition to film, her fashion exploits, and a modest real estate portfolio, concludes that Bynes is worth around $6 million. This is, of course, complicated by the issues that she continues to contend with. For the past decade, Bynes has been effectively retired from acting as she handles her sporadic legal troubles. Her parents also had a conservatorship over the actor, though she has recently been freed from it.

As for her future, only time will tell. We certainly wish her all the best.

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