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Adam Levine born Adam Noah Levine on March 18, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. There are many reasons why a million ladies are crushing on the Maroon 5 frontman, his sexual appeal is undoubtedly high up there. He oozes in everything he does, his dance moves, his unique voice, his brown hair, his body and oh my god! his intense gaze.

Before we tell you about Adams’ body measurements, including height and weight, let’s highlight a few facts about the payphone crooner.

  • Adam is very fond of tattoos, which cover a considerable amount of his skin.
  • He loves yoga, saying it helps him relax especially before going on stage, where bouts of nervousness are certainly common.
  • Sorry ladies! Adam is married to Behati Prinsloo, a Namibian national. She is a model by profession and works as a Victoria’s Secret model.
  • Adam has a gay brother, Michael Levine, Adam associates himself fully with his brother, and although he is straight, he supports the Gay Rights Movement.
  • His favorite gadget is the game boy.
  • Adam has been a trainer on the music show The Voice since 2011.

Adam Levine – Height, Weight and Body

Adam Levine has an adorable athletic figure. Slim manages to stay very masculine thanks to his triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest. As mentioned earlier, tattoos are his trademark and cover much of his upper body, enhancing his sexy, lean and masculine figure.

Unfortunately, Adam never revealed the exact chest, arm, and bicep measurements, but thanks to the many racy pictures he posts online, the numbers aren’t really necessary. It shows everything for all to see.

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Despite being thin, Adam weighs a whopping 77 kilograms. His height is 182 cm. Fans often compare his height to that of his Supersexy Supermodel wife, Behati Prinsloo, who is 180cm tall.

The couple’s height has been hotly debated, with some speculating that they are the exact same height. Adam wears size 11 and his very sensual eyes are hazel.

Adam comes across as an amicable person. There is no denying, however, that he has a perfect body and the combined effect of these two factors is that Adam Levine is lovable in every sense of the word.

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